"Challenge", "Exploration",
"Transcendence", "Communication"

Challenge, to try to overcome any problem.

Exploration, the endless pursuit of creativity.

Transcendence, to always surpass yourself.

Communicating, conveying better things.

Message from the President

Gens Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 and has been supporting the IT side of local residents and customers. As our philosophy states, we solve and improve our customers IT problems, and then use that experience to improve our skills, so that we can continue to tackle any challenges that await us.
"IT suited to your needs"
"Easy to understand even by a layman"
"Transferring the difficult part of IT into a more easy-to-understand form"
Our goal is to develop services that suit our clients in the best way possible, in an easy to understand way so that anyone can navigate in the futuristic era of IT. Not only by creating new experiences, but also by continued support of our clients. By offering our support at anytime, we strive to improve together with our clients.
Our company maybe be still young, but we have many people who support us and our colleagues. While being grateful for their support, with every new day we continue to work towards a better future.

CEO Genta Ishikawa

Company Profile

Company name Gens Co., Ltd.
CEO Genta Ishikawa
Founding date February 15, 2019
Capital 1,000,000 yen
Office location Hiiragi Shop Room 6, 2nd floor, 368-1 Iizukacho, Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture
Number of employees 9 people

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